6 tips on writing articles that build your brand

by Michael Satterfield

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies you can employ for your business. If you do it right your brand can reach a highly targeted demographic in a way no other form of marketing has ever been able to. I have used content marketing for my own brands as well as for clients over the years with great results. Be sure to do some research on what platform your target audience is currently using.

Content is King and here are my five top tips for creating content that will help you build your brand.

ONE: People don't like to read.

You are going to want to pack the basic info of your post into the introduction; hopefully, it will entice people to read more. Give them the who and the “what” in that introduction, the why should follow. Photography is also important to set the mood and should be easily tied to the title or introduction so the reader can make the connection quickly.

TWO: Write to your audience, don't preach at them. 

Understand why your audience is still reading past the introduction. Many writers forget who they are writing to and the context of that relationship. A story I write for an outside publication is going to be different than a story I would write for my brand’s own blog. Make sure the tone you are writing in is appropriate and fits the relationship you have with the reader.

THREE: Write about what you know.

Odds are you are doing what you are doing because you love it, or at least have a background in the field. Share that information from an honest perspective and you will create more compelling stories than just trying to fit as many keywords into a story as you can. If your point of content marketing is just SEO, stop right now,  your content will lack the shareability that results in real results for both building your relationship with the audience which in turn builds SEO.

FOUR: Make it personal. 

People want to connect with the person or people behind the brand, some even start to think of you as a friend. I have had people come up and introduce themselves and call me by my Instagram Username (@TheGentlemanRacer), and launch into talking about a photo I posted or a place I had been, people really do want to connect. So share a little from your own life, write about a destination you are at, your experience at a trade show, the latest DIY project around the shop. People don't want to read your press releases; they want to read about you, your brand, and how it relates to them.

FIVE: Keep it short. 

You don't need to write a novel for every post (again people don't want to read). Keep it to a few bullet points, like these six tips. Besides people love lists, “top ten”,  “five ways to”, “three great looks”, etc…  

SIX: Positive vibes only.

The internet is filled with lots of negativity, be a light in that darkness. Sure you might have to write about a bad experience, a disappointment, a struggle, but always try to write from a place that is positive. Avoid disparaging other brands, sites, organizations, etc... if you do have to write about something bad, be sure to put it into the context of how you plan on overcoming it or are writing to help others overcome or avoid a similar situation.

Extra tip for growing your brand awareness: Don't limit yourself to your own brand's website.

When I launched my apparel brands I decided that I wanted to not only build my brand with content on my own sites, but leverage websites focused on interests that were related to my brands. Look at the sites and publications that you visit or reach your market and offer to create content for them. I have had content featured in everything from GQ Magazine to the local newspaper. Remember everyone is looking for content that is relevant to their audience and many are willing to trade content for a plug here and there.